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Is there an FX Mix level?

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  • Is there an FX Mix level?

    Just got a Blackbox and am having a blast. However, the even at high send levels, the mix level of the effects (particularly the delay) seems too low. I'm looking for something that allows me to boost the gain of the delay - on a normal mixer, this would be the equivalent of the effects return level. Is there anything like this in the Blackbox? I don't see it in the docs, and the mix page doesn't seem to have it either...


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    Too easy BB bro, when encountering anything resembling WTF, consult your amazing manual, and find 'Apply Effects' on page 38.
    If that fails to trick your stick, feed audio out into a multi FX pedal, apply cranked fuzz and flangeverb to the soup, re-sample your chunky funk back into BB, then reverse-engineer it in the Granular reassembler. Delicious !


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      Thanks for the response, Johnny. I rechecked the manual (for me, it's on page 46...), but all of the discussion is on the per-pad send amount, not the equivalent of the FX return level. Cool idea with the resampling - it just doesn't fit my purposes. I believe I am out of luck on this one.


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        Thanks for asking. I am sorry to say there is currently no FX return level. We will keep that in mind for a future update.


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          just to be clear: we can, or cannot add flangeverb to the soup right now?
          Johnny talks about that and there being the ability to resample chunky funk back into the bb with cranked fuzz... so I’m just