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Blackbox USB midi sync with Teenage Engineering OP-1

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  • Blackbox USB midi sync with Teenage Engineering OP-1

    Has anyone tried successfully connecting these two devices together? I recently purchased an OP-1 and the blackbox is the only piece of gear in my studio with USB midi so I figured I would see what happens when they are connected together.

    I am trying to sync the OP-1 to the blackbox (V1.6.5) via usb midi sync. I have the OP-1 connected to the blackbox via usb on midi channel 1.

    If i place the OP-1 to receive midi clock everything syncs. The OP-1 triggers midi notes on the blackbox and vice versa. However once I utilize the arpeggio function on the OP-1 it goes bonkers and reboots. Strange behavior selecting arpeggio modes : some work, others do nothing and still others crash the device. For instance one arpeggio mode works for 8 steps and then stops functioning. There is also a high pitched noise that starts immediately after connecting the OP-1 to the USB connection on the blackbox which varies in frequency and amplitude.

    Hoping someone may have seen similar behavior and found a solution? Is my only solution to purchase a dedicated powered USB-MIDI device to act as a translator?

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    I don't know the OP-1, but is it powered over the USB from the blackbox? If yes, I think the voltage drops of overload and the OP-1 reboots.


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      underwood yes the OP-1 one has no midi ports, so usb midi is the only option for sync or to trigger it from a midi keyboard. There is an option internally to switch off USB power to the OP-1 but it still crashes. Looks like I will need additional hardware.
      thank you for your response.


      • underwood
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        There are some USB-Host to MIDI devices, but these may not be work better than the blackbox Host.

      • minihahn
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        I have had good experiences with the Miditech USB MIDI Host. I use it to send the clock signal to the op-1, which works well.