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How to make ambient on blackbox

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  • How to make ambient on blackbox

    I‘m an ambient musician
    used the BB to play long samples in live show
    how do you use BB for producing and perform ambient and noise

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    Blackbox is a beast for ambient. I like to have some parts of my composition non-random and some parts random. Here are some ideas I like to use.

    - For melodies I like to create more than one sequences with different lengths for the same instrument and play them at the same time, for example one with 5 steps and another with 7 steps and just let it play, if you have it set to poly you can even get random chords, just make sure both sequences are in scale.
    - For drones and soundscapes playing the samples as granular with very low speed close to 0 and high spread, and then just triggering with long attack and decay and a lot of reverb gives some interesting textures. Also using wavetable samples can be fun with some modulation
    - And for random ambient sounds I use field recordings sliced and just trigger random slices with long attack and decay, if you leave some empty slices you can get some triggers where there is no sound so your music don't get very busy. for example as shown in this video

    Also using velocity as modulation source (for example for the start point of the granular sample) can give you even more long and evolving patterns and with the latest update you can get very detailed with editing the velocity in the sequencer. Interested to see what other people are doing!