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  • Slicer Qestion

    I am trying to slice up a long drum loop in grid mode and trigger it from the sequencer. When I do like 64 slices, the last slices are aboce c7 and thus cannot be triggered via midi (there are no such high notes)
    That is because slicer always starts from c2. Is there anyway of lowering that starting note, so I could reach all slices via midi?

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    Hey not sure if you figured anything out with this but for me -> press KEYS twice to get to grid mode then use the >> arrows to go over until you get to your desired slice number. I am able to trigger slices over n = 64 without any trouble.


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      I actually encountered this for the first time, as well, over the weekend.
      The short answer, is kind of, but not really.
      If you convert the slices to individual samples, you can manually set root note.

      Probably, you're better off if you break the drum loop in half, and manage 2 pads (channels) * 32 notes each.