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Blackbox not receiving clock from Akai MPD 232

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  • Blackbox not receiving clock from Akai MPD 232

    Is anybody else using another external piece of gear to clock their Blackbox ?
    If so, what ones are you using ?

    Ive tried every different way to try and clock the Blackbox from Akai MPD232 via USB or MIDI from the Akai, to no avail ????????

    I was really wanting to use the pads to play samples, the sequencer for sequencing obviously and the beat repeat for that coolness, all while using the internal clock
    Its for live sets either sampling songs on the fly and adding elements, or creating full songs on the fly

    Any suggestions ?

    I was looking at adding either an Electribe 2 to use its sequencer to control Blackbox and obviously utilise its full capabilities too

    Thanks in advance

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    Which Firmware are you on?
    Beta 1.7.4 does not take clock from Midi or USB. Can confirm.
    Not sure about 1.6.5 and too lazy to test.


    • FreedomSeven
      FreedomSeven commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi, yes I’m on the latest firmware
      Thanks for that
      So it’s an black box issue

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    Thanks, I had the same question for using the MPC + Blackbox together.


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      I sold the mpd as it just didn’t work with BB

      Back to my trusty Beatstep and will sequence it from my Electribe 2 as soon as it arrives


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        USB Midi is one of my favorite things about the MPC Live. I was bummed when it didn’t work with the blackbox, but relieved when I saw this thread. I’m going to try with an older firmware today and will report back.


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          After experiencing issues with 1.7.4 and midi sync, it seems to be working fine now without me doing anything.
          I sync using midi out from my Akai Force, thru my Digitone Keys, into my BalckBox, and on down the line.
          Start/stop transport works, so does playing samples/multi sample from the Digitone Keys.

          I've also had success using midi from Digitakt, Korg Electribe2 and 2s, from my iPad, Akai midi keyboards, Ableton, and various synths.