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I think I finally have a "legitimate" request...

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  • I think I finally have a "legitimate" request...

    I say legitimate only because the first couple requests I made of the BlackBox ended up being something I didn't know how to do, as opposed to it not being able to do it...

    I do chiptunes (don't judge me, I'm recapturing lost youth). I see than I can sample at any sample rate, with bit depths of 16, 24, and 32. Is it possible that an 8 bit depth could be added so that I can get nice and crunchy samples to add to my chiptunes?


    I own a BlueBox and record with it (yes I'll put this request there). Is it even possible to make each of the channels (12 channels if configured that way, or 6, or however many are configured) to record using independent settings for sample rate and bit depth? In essence allowing me to have a bit crusher built in to my BlueBox "recording studio?" I ask if it can be done per channel because (since I'm a chiptuner... chiptooner... chiptune person.... whatever) that will in essence add the same effect in the blackbox, making it a bitcrusher too. I don't know if the A/D's channels can be individually addressed to allow for differing sample rates/bitdepths, but I am asking. To prevent menu diving for the feature, maybe when you are in Mixer and tap record, if you hold down the destination track the menu at the bottom could change to show sample rate and bit depth? You could use a left knob to change one, and a right knob to change the other (scrolling through a list of choices)? If it can't be done per channel, could it be done to only left channels, or to half of the stereo inputs, or some variation? I don't need bitcrush on 12 channels, but it would be nice to have it on some if possible.
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    Thanks for your request. Reducing the bit depth is pretty easy: Just throw data away. We will take your request under consideration.


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      Bit depth and maybe sample rate reduction would be great! Also as an effect/after a sample has been recorded.


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        Well now I really want to tweak bit depth and sample rate in real time with blackbox encoders..

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      12bit would also be a nice option!


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        +1 for the low-fi vibe.


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          Would love this feature. Every sampler has it own sound characteristics. Would be very cool to have such an effect
          I am also thinking of Decimator 1/2 by D16 plugin that gives this kind of old sample grit


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            +1 for a vintage 12bit mode


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              ooooh +1 for old-school vibes


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                With an option to normalize the sample, you could record or re-sample at lower level and then normalize to do the same as a bit-depth reduction. It would be really great to have a normalize option.