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Poly X option not available on every pad

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  • Poly X option not available on every pad

    The new option in the firmware to change to Poly X from Mono on the 1010 Blackbox doesnt show up for me on every pad. Only one or two pads have the option. The rest only have Mono or Poly 2 available. Is this by design and I need to change some other setting for it to be available or is it a bug?

    I like to play rolls on kick and snare samples that have longer tails, but this results in maxing out Polyphony per pad with nasty glitchy voice-stealing effects once the pad runs out of voices. It is a bit distracting musically. I was thinking the Poly X option might help fix that issue for me so that the individual pads where I am firing off a lot of samples don't bottleneck.

    Anyone have any thoughts on how to get the Poly X option to work consistently? I have firmware 1.7.4 installed.



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    In case anyone else is running into the same issue, changing from Mono to Poly 2 helps to alleviate some of this voice stealing (i think it lets you get up to 8 samples per pad rather than 4 (?) before it starts stealing voices from the earlier hits), buy the issue still happens on longer samples like ride cymbals where you can easily get up to more than 8 hits simultaneously decaying.