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Play/Stop with Midi Controller?

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  • Play/Stop with Midi Controller?

    I have a MorningStar MC6 and I was wondering if it is possible to control the Blackbox with it.

    There are a lot of things on Blackbox that I'd like to control with the MC6, but really if I could either Play/Stop a pattern or start a live loop, that would be great.

    Any ideas??

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    I start/stop the blackbox externally with the Digitakt. In that world, I just need to set up the DT to send transport at the project level.
    If the MC6 can send transport messages, you should be fine.

    The blackbox is (proudly?) not foremost a looper.
    Playing back prerecorded loops (pads) from a foot controller should be no issue.
    I do not expect you're going to be able to record new loops hands-free, on the fly, during performance.
    If you figure it out, let us know. The Morningstar would probably be the tool, if anything could.

    One thing to note about this setup:
    External STOP message stop the blackbox player, but they don't hard-stop any active pads that are playing. for that you need to press the stop button locally on the blackbox.
    I might not be explaining this well, but I expect it will make sense once you get setup.
    Not a "problem" per se, just a condition to be aware of.