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MIDI for sequemcer - MIDI cuts out on pads

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  • MIDI for sequemcer - MIDI cuts out on pads

    Hi All,

    Any help.would be appreciated. I have had my BB for about 6 months and have just started to get into it...

    I am able to use my novation SL MK3 via USB to control the pads on tbe BB for drumming using pads default to ch 10 in global and launching clips/samples how I expected. Also ise the keys to play chromatic samples "synth style". My issue is sometimes the pads just stop communicating...? not sure why this is??? anyone else experience this or any thoughts. I am running 1.7.4.

    Next question I want to trigger/launch sequences using the same SL mk3 pads on perhaps a different channel... no idea how to map the CC for these... or how to do it a different way, my depth of MIDI knowledge isn't the greatest. Any tips would sure make my music that much more enjoyable. Thanks.