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blackbox MIDI via USB problem

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  • blackbox MIDI via USB problem

    I have detected unstable work of the blackbox MIDI over USB, while connected to Elektron Model:Cycles
    Seems that unit stops responding to any MIDI signals after the glitch. And the glitch happens after some time working with Elektron while I'm performing any kind of operations there.
    It might be also connected with MIDI transport signals like start/stop, sent by Elektron
    Together with that, when connected via MIDI out, no glitches or lags detected.

    Attaching the video, where you see that in order to fix that, I have to reconnect USB cable, and it works again.

    Has anyone faced with something similar?
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    If the blackbox stops receiving sync it has an internal clock that immediately takes over. So you may need a short pause before sending a new clock. This may seem inconvenient, but will you ever find yourself in a situation where you are toggling start/stop like your video?

    I do not have a Cycles to test but would be interested to see if it is sending a start and stop only or if it is sending a continue. If you have a MIDI monitor, please test it and let me know. Thanks


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      I have the same exactly the same problem on both a Digitakt and Digitone! Steve this appears to be a bug with the Blackbox and isn't an issue where pausing a bit longer before starting/stopping the transport on the Elektron will avoid the issue. It comes up in the course of typical workflow while developing a track, where one is stopping and starting transport. It also comes up when trying to perform a synced track. If the transport on an Elektron machine is stopped or started 1-3 times, sync is lost with the Blackbox, regardless of a pause before hitting Play or Stop. Once the blackbox loses sync, there is no way to use any midi functionality over USB, until the USB cable is replugged.

      I'm happy to run a midi monitor to help diagnose the situation, if you can help me understand specifically what you'd like me to monitor! FWIW, I'm also down to help test a fix.

      Steps to reproduce with Blackbox Firmware 1.7.F –
      1) On the Blackbox, set Tools -> MIDIn -> ClockSource: USB Port
      2) Connect an Elektron machine (Digitakt / Digitone / Model:Cycles) over USB to Device port on Blackbox
      3) Set Elektron machine to Clock Send & Transport Send
      4) Set a midi track on the Elektron to trigger a pad on the blackbox
      5) Press "Play" on Elektron Machine
      6) Let it play for however long you like
      7) Press "Stop" on Elektron Machine
      8) Wait for however long you like
      9) Press "Play" on Elektron Machine
      10) Blackbox looses sync
      11) Observe that no USB functionality is working

      I've confirmed that both Elektron machines can maintain sync, transport, and all other midi functionality with the blackbox when connected through the trs + DIN midi interface, so this issue appears to be specific to the USB midi implementation.
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