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Velocity Sensivity Setting PAD Mode

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  • Velocity Sensivity Setting PAD Mode

    Hi everyone,

    still very happy with and fascinated by the blackbox. I'm using it mainly for live-backing loops, still haven't gone down the rabbit hole of sampling, granular, etc...

    My question:
    Does anyone know how to set the velocity sensivity to FULL and to be left on FULL after, for example going to save the preset I'm in or change some filter settings of a pad?
    After returning from aformentioned settings everytime the velocity sensivity is at 80 percent of the blue bar. Can I somehow put it to 100% of the blue bar and to be left there?
    Using it live this would prevent me from different volume levels of (normalized) samples.

    Kind regards


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    Same here... I didn't find a way to keep velocity sensitivity at 100% but workaround is to unlink velocity from volume in volume Modulation section of the sample so it always plays at 100%.