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issue with midi over usb - polyphonic play

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  • issue with midi over usb - polyphonic play

    hey guys, on 1.9 and 2.0 there is an issue with midi over usb:
    when using an external usb keyboard (I tested mpk mini and arturia microlab) the usb-midi input drops out after some time of polyphonic play - I would guess its maybe 800 notes being played and then no midi input is taken further. this happens with seqs being in midi moder or in keys mode and doesnt matter if an internal pad is being controlled or an external synth via midi.
    its pretty simple to find out: just play polyphonic stuff for about 2min with an external usbmidi keyboard and then it will drop off with no note-off signal being sent.

    maybe an internal midi buffer overrun?

    allow me to thank you for fixing this in advance

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    oh, and: removing and re-plugging (is that the right word?) the external keyboard activates midi over usb again.


    • shankiphonic
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      I reported something similar in the firmware comments thread. Arturia keystep in my case. Unplugging and plugging usb back in revived it. I believe it was @steve who pointed out that bb cannot reliably meet the power requirements of the keystep. So first thing would probably be to check if it’s stated somewhere on the forum how much power the bb can reliably offer to controllers over usb/compare the power draw requirements to those of the keystep….
      As it happens, I didn’t really use usb midi on the bb until now. I have a an iRig Keys that does usb midi and can also power itself with AA’s. So it’s time to dust that off, I guess.