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Sample Waveform Editing --> Adding silence?

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  • Sample Waveform Editing --> Adding silence?

    I'm starting to build up some songs using the unit, and while I was initially heartbroken that there wasn't a X-fade editing option, the manual more or less discusses how the samples are automatically crossfaded, and of course if treated as a clip, are auto-pitch corrected as well. (I wasn't expecting this, but this saves an incredible amount of time.)

    So that leads me to the next question. Previous samplers have let me do one of a couple things:
    1. Add silence at cursor point
    2. Add a sample silence at cursor point (as in, I have a "sample of silence" sitting around and I can prepend/append or insert it anywhere)

    What I'm trying to do: trying to get a simple piano loop set up to loop properly at 112BPM as a clip. Manual says for best results it has to run as a tight loop first, so I'm trying to do that. I'd like to just add 100 samples of silence to the beginning to match the smallest loop point setting. I figure once I have some beginning and end that I should be able to trim it down to the perfect size.

    Thanks ahead for the assist!

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    Aw snap.... I think I just had the wrong idea. Freakin n00bs.

    as I'm playing with this, the "loop mode" is really just equivalent to when dealing with PCM synths where you'd have an attack, a transition, and then a holding decay part of the waveform, like when you hit the bass string on a guitar, the loop here is equivalent to setting up where on the string decay you want the synth to replay the note, NOT a full drum loop crossfade like I was thinking when I sat down to work with this.

    You want some silence at the beginning and end of the phrases so that way you have more room for pitching/stretching algorithms to do their job.

    Bottom line:

    If you want the pad to loop from a single press, set the mode to "toggle" under "conf-->LaunchMode", then for the song you're working on, if you just want a phrase to loop endlessly, set the loop start and end points to be equal to the start and end points of the sample itself.

    It seems like for this to work in a clip, the sample itself has to be *perfectly* within the start/end settings meaning you'll want to consider storing your phrases with as much extra space as is reasonable and then resample those down to new pads if you want specific looping or clip behavior.


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      You can record/input any sample or clip into a sequence to loop it and/or play just until any given bar. If you want a clip to be retriggered in a sequence before the clip ends, just do not glue the triggering event with the previous events for that same pad. Another way is to use gate or trigger launch modes, etc. There are many possibilities to make this work without resampling.