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  • Trigger sequences/ start sequencer

    Hi all,

    Searched around but didn't find anything on the matter so if I'm repeating another post, please let me know.

    I'm wondering if it's possible to trigger midi sequences from an external sequencer or start a song playing when you start that sequencer. I haven't been able to figure out how to do it without resampling the sequence and loading the resulting file into a pad. Is this possible at all or does the blackbox simply not do that?

    Using it in conjunction with a circuit tracks which is transmitting clock etc. So that can't be the issue (if I'm not mistaken at least).


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    Well this is interesting.

    It appears that my Launchkey mini 3 (connected through either Midi or USB) is the culprit somehow. It's causing "interference" (doesn't really matter if connected via USB or MIDI).
    Any thoughts on this and how the Launchkey mini 3 could/ should be setup?




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      Pretty sure the LK mini is sending clock and that may be the cause of your problem. I snagged these notes from somewhere about how to turn that off:

      Setup page

      To access the setup page, hold the shift button whilst powering up the Launchkey Mini (ie connecting a USB cable) to enter the Set-up page.

      Press the Play button to resume making music with the Launchkey Mini.

      Left to right

      Orange (2) - Pad velocity
      Magenta (6) - Midi Clock
      Blue (7) - Vegas Mode
      Yellow (8) - USB -> Thumb Drive

      MIDI Clock output

      It is now possible to choose whether a MIDI Clock signal is output directly from the MIDI output of the Launchkey Mini. This is very useful for removing unwanted tempo/clock signals when using the Launchkey Mini as a controller keyboard for external MIDI
      equipment such as drum machines, synthesisers and some sequencers.

      To toggle the MIDI Clock output on or off press the Pink pad [sixth from the left] in the settings page.

      When dimly lit the physical MIDI output will not send MIDI clock signals.

      When fully lit the MIDI output will send MIDI Clock signals and the [Tempo] rotary knob will continue to control the MIDI Clock output speed.


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        Shall definitely give that a try!