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Add sound to a pad rather than replacing it?

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  • Add sound to a pad rather than replacing it?

    So we have option to load multiple samples on one pad, but what if i want to add sounds one by one from the different folders, like first load a kick, than a snare and so on, is there a way to do this? Thanks

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    Multi-sample allows you to have a more dynamic single instrument on a single pad. (For more realistic playback). For example; instead of having a single piano sample getting stretched all over the keyboard range, you have individual samples for each key and volume. A 'D4' note played at 50% velocity, is actually a D4 note played at 50% velocity, not a C1 note at 100% velocity which has been pitch-shifted up and played at half-volume.

    Think of multi-sample as 'Variations of the same sound' not 'multiple sounds'.

    For your scenario (multiple sounds only taking up one pad) the 'Slicer' mode would be the best to use.

    1. Create one long sample with your Kick, Snare, Hats etc played one after another (with space between them)
    2. Load the entire sample into a pad and set to 'Slicer' mode.
    3. Split the sample into slices (either automatically or manually)

    You can then play the samples individually using the keyboard/notes on screen or via a midi controller.

    Take a look at the video guide made by 1010 here -


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      I'd love to have an option to load all tones from a directory into a pad and also set a volume level for each relative to each other. Instead of a multi-sample, perhaps it could be called a sample group. I would mainly use it to load a drum kit. While I could load different drum samples separate to the main pads, it would be nice to save the other 15 pads for loops or other multi-sample instruments. This might be sort of do-able with loading like a multi-sample, but I'm not sure which sounds would load to which note in that scenario. I think I put in a wish list post for that, but it probably got lost in the wash.