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Song mode section bar length resets when cleared [BUG?]

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  • Song mode section bar length resets when cleared [BUG?]

    I am building a tech house track, and I am choosing to use long (32 bar) sections as I would otherwise run out of sections.
    Whenever I screw up a take and decide to clear a section, the bar length of the section resets.

    Current Workaround:
    Clear the section, then go into the info menu and reconfigure the bar length.
    This is particularly tedious when I want to retake multiple sections.

    Proposed Fix:
    When a song section is cleared, the bar length is retained and only the recorded sequences are cleared.
    This would be consistent with the behavior of clearing sequences.
    (Step Length, Step Count etc are retained in a Sequence when it is cleared. Only the notes are removed)

    This issue has also been mentioned in a previous thread but was not the primary topic of the thread.
    Documenting and posting separately for clarity.

    Also, hi! First time poster here, I think I did my due diligence to see if there is a previous thread on this topic,
    but do please let me know if I missed something.