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MIDI CC Mappings vanishing after recording a new loop

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  • MIDI CC Mappings vanishing after recording a new loop

    Hello All,

    I have posted this in general forum, so sorry for double posting but I am bit pressed as I have a live show coming up next
    week. So... I am having some problems with MIDI CC mapping. I am using Blackbox as a looper with my modular system,
    I have also connected Launchpad XL to the Blackbox to control volumes and filters of each pad
    I am able to map a fader or knob to the parameters and I can also launch loops/pads with MIDI notes assigned from XL and it works flawlessly.
    The problem begins when I clear a pad and record a new loop - than the mapping dissappears and I have to do it all over again which is a total
    dealbraker for me. Please tell me its not implemented this way... I want to keep the mappings even If the pad is empty.
    Is it possible?

    I would greatly appreciate any help


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    Welcome. To address your question first, have you tried to CUT rather than CLR?

    Please do not multipost to this forum. It is not necessary. This forum can be a great place to interact with other users. However, if you need support - from us - please contact us directly as that will always yield a faster response.


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      Hi, Sorry for the double post - I just realized that the first one was in General Topics, so I thought
      its gonna be faster in the Blackbox forum. WIll stick to one topic next time.
      As for Your - suggestion - I just tried it with the Cut option but unfortunately it behaves in the same

      PS. I have also sent a support request but I am not sure it was sent prorperly - had some issuies with my laptop.


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        Same problem.
        Even if i just load another sample into a pad the CC is gone.
        i need to be able to control the level (and also filter,pitch,etc) of each pad via midi controller. but as soon as i change a sample in a pad, all midi mappings are gone.
        no, you dont have time to remap everything when playing live.
        This KILLS the BB as live performance device for me.


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          -thus- commented
          Editing a comment
          Is your scenario also live looping? I’m just trying to understand the purpose of loading files into already-used pads WHILE performing. Thanks in advance.

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        I play Live Techno Shows.
        For live performance I often need to change to other sounds while i still need to keep some playing. Not possible to change the preset while actively performing on it live.
        Also i would love to be able to use it as a kind of looper for some of my synths, but thats also not possible if it is not possible to control these loops/pads then.