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black box missing a lot of very important features

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  • black box missing a lot of very important features

    I am kinda shocked at the state of the samplers, groove boxes and synths these days, I tried them all. The only things I like are the Digitone.. and some other things. The market is being flooded with ill thought out, rushed, undeveloped hardware then "fixed" post with software releases.

    I wanted a sampler but in this day and age its actually a very tall order. In the old days by default any sampler on the market could do certain things that most struggle or are completely incapable of:


    I hate to be a ranty panty, but for a £600 sampler? I was shocked there was no off switch its very unprofessional to have to bent over, get under the desk, grope around find the plug yank it out...
    There is a reason that every professional piece of music hard ware has a nice solid on off switch. You are not meant to be messing around with your power sockets all the time, everyone knows it can be a tangled mess down there! Its not good to be pulling and pushing the wires and sockets way more than normal, its more sensitive than a hardware switch. And it cost me £450 second hand. I could afford a brand new Roland SP-404, or nearly a second hand MPC ONE. I know its a smaller company but I also know having a switch on it will not cost a lot at all.

    Any piece of music hardware capable of recording and playing back audio NEEDS normalize, being a sound engineer of 20 years I was flabbergasted there was no normalize especially because it has low levels coming in. Again why not have a software switch to set input to line level or cv rack?

    It has a decent beat slicer, which should be standard on any sampler, yet I cannot control the sound level of the individual slices?

    When in sequencer mode there is no way to preview what sound is on what note you even have a keyboard along the left but when I press it there is no preview? We just have to guess what sound is on what key?

    I just don't understand how we have gone backwards in terms of music hardware when we had 5 or more sampler manufacturers in the 90's making very competent products, now its a joke Electribe is barely a sampler, digitakt is a mono drum machine, model samples cant sample, mpc ONE is the closest thing to a real sampler which I am tempted to go back too. Just its large and kinda garish looking it has a huge screen which I was kinda trying to get away from (the entire point of going to music hardware over software).

    Anyway, really normalize is so key to recording audio and making sure you have control over levels, sometimes we cannot control the input level, say its impromptu jam, or live even... Just any audio recording hardware always has normalise.

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    I see you're new here. Let me offer some feedback that I hope is constructive:
    • Single-issue threads are the best way to engage with fellow forum members and have a constructive conversation
    • There is a dedicated section in the forum called Wish List for feature requests (again, preferably one feature = one thread)
    • Please always search the forum before creating a new thread; threads already exist for most, if not all, of the things you mention
    • Visit existing threads and add a comment as simple as "+1" to add your vote for a particular feature
    • The 1010 team uses these Wish List threads and their "+1" comments to assess the demand for individual features
    • Rants really don't "go over well" here, just a heads up
    Anyway, good to have you here.
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    • Steve
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      I appreciate your contributions here. Thanks

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    Beat cut and time stretch are already available. For beat cut you will need the sequencer, for time stretch it will be clip or granular mode - knowing the number of beats of a loop is key for the latter to work properly.

    As for sequences, you can live record them and then edit. I assume that you can do this from the keys screen as well as from the pads screen. Inputing by hand is fast with the encoders but there won’t be any preview.

    As for the power switch: I just pull the USB plug on the other end, no risk of damage. Granted, that part of the hw design, as well as the lack of a power switch, may be questionable but no rant in the world will change anything about it.


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    It's a sampler too? Biimey, who knew? I've never been able to find out what mine does cos there isn't an on/off switch.


    • shankiphonic
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      I'm in the same boat, but different...
      I just stay so busy buying hardware without doing any research.
      As soon as I figure out how to put gas in this Tesla, I'll head home and test out the blackbox's capabilities as an audio interface!

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    I have my Black Box on a power strip. When I'm done I just turn the strip off.
    Normalize is a feature I hope they implement.
    What attracted me to the BB was how it seemed to be closer to a traditional sampler than other contemporaries. Samplers are pretty much used for beat creation anymore. While that's fine, the 90's era samplers that allowed you to multisample instruments with velocity was what I was looking for. BB can do that along with wave manipulation, chopping, and the phrase sampling everyone seems to want.


    • shankiphonic
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      Originally posted by Super8 View Post
      I have my Black Box on a power strip. When I'm done I just turn the strip off.
      Remember that movie where the guy wakes up in the future (in the USA) and has to explain to people that they shouldn't be watering plants with sports drinks?  
      He tells them to use water "like from the toilet" instead, and ends up saving the people from starvation. 
      He's then dubbed the smartest man alive, and the people make him President. 

      I wish I didn't believe that that movie is just a peak at where we're headed.  
      I thought we had more time....

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    hey well I am speaking the truth how dare you compare me to idiocracy ! I love that movie too :P


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      yeah it has beat slice but wtf you cannot control the seperate slices volume?? this seams insane to me.. no normalize is also insane.. for a £600 sampler


      • Georges
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        Just resample the slices and adjust the volume in the mixer.

      • arteom
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        I guess this might depend on how you are triggering the slices. I trigger them in the sequencer, where I can go to Event, then from there adjust the velocity. This effectively allows me to adjust the volume for slices. I think it's the same if I try to trigger them using an external keyboard, now that I think about it.

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      why would I want to re sample every slice I want to change the volume for?


      • Georges
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        because it works