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My toolbox is unusable as a Midi Slave

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  • My toolbox is unusable as a Midi Slave

    I tried to sync my Blackbox for hours to my System. I have a ACME (SND, most sophisticated 4 channel Midi Clock on the market). All my other gear started perfectly and stayed in Sync (808, toiraz, Octatrack, 909, Korg Minilogue SD, MFB Tanzbär, Roland TR8S, MX2, Tempest and MPC all work fine). The Blackbox obviously has some huge sync Problems and I cant use it for live. It cant be Master in that system, the ACME has to be master. It does not start in sync on the 1.

    I loved my first days with the blackbox, its so intuituve. But without a chance to use it live, it looses all value for me. Maybe I can find some other settings, but I think I tried them all. The Toiraz, direct concurrent works perfect in sync, just tell that its a slave and the loops start and stop 100 % in sync, it also uses the Midi clock shuffle of the ACME. Not the case with my blackbox. I would prefer the blackbox because it can work with longer takes.

    btw, I have also tons of CPU problems too when I try to sync it. Obviously while working with stereo clips, the CPU just can handle like 10 tracks,
    max, then its over (16bits, 44,1, not tried 48khz so far).

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    This is about blackbox (not toolbox) right? Have you tried the latest firmware?


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      Yes, sorry. A new blackbox with the newest firmwate 1.1.1. I tried again, all machines start at the first step, a few 16th later, my blackbox starts somwhere between two 16th.


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        Did anyone else observe Midi sync issues using Blackbox as Midi Slave by Midi in or USB? Any differences by Midi or USB? Latency?
        What about CPU Handling in Slave Mode? What about using both recording, triggering Samples and playing clips?

        Thats the way I would use it, too.

        I am still unsure as the Blackbox would have all I need. If Midi Clock Slave don`t work as expected its quiet useless for me.


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          I will test my Blackbox in another setup today. But also as a slave. No chance to be master in any of my setups. But its definetly not working at all with the SND ACME - which is the most sophisticated Midi Clock available. So far in my environment I can use the Blackbox only standalone or as a Oneshot Sampler without sequencer. This is a pit, because working with it standalone is really fun and possible without the manual.


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            Thank you. Very excited how it is working for you in another setup. Especially if synced by USB - not a live solution really.
            I am not an owner of the ACME, it can set Midi Offset negative and positive I think - but it should work without!!
            I don`t know the Midi Specifications. There`s something like DIN Sync generally - I am not sure which one is using the Blackbox.
            Using it as a Master isn`t really a solution for me.


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              MIDI clock slave mode is something we have tested and people are using. Here is a 10 minute performance using it:

              If you are having trouble with the CPU overloading as well, I would start there. Try fewer samples as a test. After that, use monophonic mode on those samples that don't need poly. Switch to 48kHz, Don't use Reverb, etc.