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  • How to resample

    I looked in the manual and through the forums and am feeling a little foolish, but I can't figure out how to do resampling. I know where it's located in the menu but how does it work? What's the usefulness? People go nuts for this feature but I never understood the purpose or benefit of it. Any tips?

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    The 1.1.1 update info says:

    Version 1.1.1 includes the following enhancements:

    • Internal resampling. This can also be used to generate a WAV file of your entire mix.
    Look for the Resam input selection on the Sample Recording screen


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      You're essentially recording whatever it is that the BB is playing, internally, without having to plug output back to input. That way, if I record a few monophonic instruments, I can have them all play together as a chord, and record that on a different pad. Then I can drop the individual instruments, and keep the chord in one pad, freeing up space for other things.


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        Nice one. Makes me think, one could resample a whole chord progression and the slice the resulting sample.

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      Additional info: IIRC it always resamples Out1 (Firmware 1.2.2)