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Massive thank you to 1010

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  • Massive thank you to 1010

    For creating the mighty Blackbox!

    I mean this thing is insane for version 1.22 - the time strech, lovely sequencer, simpe work flow - everything is on point.

    The past 3/4 years i have had the OP-1 and Deluge but never really happy with either...I guess it was being restricted to
    their eco system of FX without a straight forward and convenient way of integrating external FX pedals....But BB has
    changed all that - its a joy to use with pedals and resampling

    So anyhow thanks to the developers for creating such an immersive, fun and straight forward song creation tool!

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    Thank you very much for sharing this. It is great to know we have made a difference.


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      Totally agree, very nice piece of hardware, also user of the OP-1 like jonesybb.

      Now bring that v1.3 with the FXbox' FX magic and you can call it ZeusBox
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        I work in another town and it takes about an hour to get there. I always bring my blackbox, a powerbank and my headphones with me on the train. Its a joy to use the blackbox on the go! Just because it has been suggestions for improvement it doesnt necessary mean that people is dissapointed of the blackbox. For me, at least, it is about finetuning an allready great machine!

        Thanks 1010music!


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          The UI interface is really nice too. Its quite lo fi nostaligic, it reminds me a bit of the Octamed DAW (anyone remember that??!)


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   played 3 live shows with blackbox as brain ... i love the BB!