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Drum Group for groups of pads?

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  • Drum Group for groups of pads?

    Is it possible / be possible in the future to assign pads different notes or note ranges on a single midi channel?

    I am attempting to sequence the Black Box with a SE Engine and would love to keep using it..

    For example [simple]:
    pad 1 sample = midi channel 1, note 36
    pad 2 sample = midi channel 1, note 37

    or more ideally...

    For example [complex]:
    pad 1 sample = midi channel 1, note 36
    pad 2 sample= midi channel 1, notes 37-44 (pitched)
    pad 3 sliced = midi channel 1, notes 45-50 (one per slice)

    I have tried to sequence drums with a sliced drum loop and get tons of dropouts with no other sequences going so I've fallen back to sample per pad.. but, alas, no grouping that I can find.

    Any help appreciated, thanks

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    +1 Great idea! That would be an easy and flexible way to also have more polyphony on a specific sample. Just copy to another cell and assign different note ranges.
    An odd/even for notes would also be fun. Maybe also a random setting, so only one pad will be chosen randomly when notes come in on that midi channel.


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      Really good idea to assign key zones for an update. Especially for Drum Layering useful, too.
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