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is there an auto slice mode?

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  • is there an auto slice mode?

    Is there a way to slice a sample say into 16 parts then auto load a slice onto each pad? Similar to Geist that I often use to auto slice voice samples and then fine tune the slice in each pad to specific points, then use the sequencer to arrange it how I want and use different fx for each pad, or send to different outputs for further processing. Geist gives pro tools all sorts of fits and I'm trying to find an alternative, Blackbox does everything I need except for this one function that I don't see a way to do in the manual.

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    This has been a feature for a while now. It mustn't have been added to the manual yet.


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      thanks that's very encouraging, I'll dig around in Blackbox and try to find the setting that allows this


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        Oops sorry, I didn't read your post properly. There's now an auto slicing feature where you can dial in how many slices you want, but it doesn't load the slices on to separate pads. You have to load the same sample on to multiple pads and adjust the start and end positions.