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Controlling Moog DFAM through BB

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  • Controlling Moog DFAM through BB

    I saw in loopops tutorial that he said you can send samples CV out so I was wondering is it possible to play diff pitches on my DFAM through my blackbox?

    To play the synth via ableton push you have to use CV tools but this is how to set it up to play notes on the DFAM:
    Output 3 (CV gate) via Apollo twin duo to trigger on DFAM
    Output 4 (CV pitch) via Apollo twin duo to VCO 1 on DFAM

    Any and all guidance would be appreciated!

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    You are most of the way there. The idea is that blackbox can sample the output of CV tools and replay it later. It can also do some manipulations, like changing the time and pitch.

    Connect your Apollo Twin to blackbox and sample the CV gate and CV pitch into a stereo file using the line input. Connect one of the stereo outputs to your DFAM and use a splitter to get the gate and pitch from the left and right sides. Record monitoring will also work this way.

    Let me know if this is not clear.


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      I really hope that in a future version, Blackbox sequences would have an option to send directly CV/gate on one of the three stereo outputs. I know the output is -5V/+5V and not 0-10V but it's a start and should be easy to add an offset on most synth/modules receiving the CV.

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    I am working out how to do something similar. I would like to control my DFAMs clock from my BB. The 4ppn out of the clock sync is to fast and I’m not expecting that to change any moment right now. My understanding on Eurorack, levels, and patching is on the extream cautious side.

    DFAM generally has a +-5v rating all around with a few exceptions. I could not find any listing of a definitive voltage output of the BB on any thing.

    Can i safely run a rim shot 1/8 TS out2 into the clock of the DFAM and have my desired effect of tempo control?
    How can I adjust this voltage within BB?

    Anything im missing that you could help with? Any write ups I could be studying first to help in my searching abilities?

    Learning to break out of MIDI