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  • Transferring to your computer

    Hi guys I’m curious how do you transfer your entire (time stretched) songs after you build them on BB to your computer while maintaining the changes you made? I use BB to build out my ideas on the go n then I wanna put my creation together in my DAW (ableton) & make it a complete track from there.

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    Recording through an audio interface seems like the simplest solution to me. You can either use the separate outs to multi-track, or play the parts one at a time (or just record your whole performance). You could also record to an empty pad with the internal resample, and transfer the file to your computer.


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      Yes, recording stems is the simplest way. If you have a soundcard with multiple inputs you can record a few at once by assigning each element to a different output


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        Is it possible to also record MIDI to Ableton? For example, pads sequences as Drum Rack, keys as regular piano roll? So far, I couldn't connect BB to Ableton as MIDI device.


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          You can set the midi out channel per pad. Just hook it up using the midi out if the usb-midi isn't working.