Hello Everybody.
Im a new one in the game of Blackbox.

Just had a bit of a hard time setting up Blackbox in my environment.
I want to use it as a live looper and performance sampler (sampling a synth/Vocal in live and then play it polyphonic)
the problem is the round latency when using as sampler (first out then back in)
combined with only the input latency of a sample instrument controlled via MIDI keybord.
my workaoround now is to use 2 different outputs of Blackbox for each application.
And realising the live looping via send/return.

Maybe you have an other good idea for a workaround?

in the end a little feature request:
1. Would be great to have favourite or lockable launchModes per pad.
So when you change the sampling type for example you can have Gate always in place to quickly play the sample as an Instrument on Keys.

2. Pad stop on Pads page to stop all instances of a playing pad ( sometimes when Poly is enabled pads can get cluttered)

Thanks for reading