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  • New user and a quick question

    Received my Blackbox yesterday, this is my first 1010 product and I’m very impressed with the build quality and functions, really happy with it!

    I have not had more than about an hour playing with it so far, I updated to the latest OS and have had a quick play around with the slicer, great fun and very nice implementation. I sampled a section of music sliced it up, nice, played a sequence using the slices, really cool, then I wanted to use the same sample on another pad as I wanted to use some different slices over the top of the first sequence, I loaded the sample onto the next pad, sliced again, so far so good. Then I wanted to split one of the slices into two, so I navigated to the area in the wav where I wanted the new slice to start, pressed on the split tab but nothing happened, I was expecting it to create a new slice marker but it did not.

    Any idea why it won’t do it?

    Edit: I sliced by threshold then wanted to further divide on of the slices into two.
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    Probably maxed out slices at 128.

    ’join’ a slice you don’t need, then proceed as usual.
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      What Michal Ho said.
      Another tip: You can simply copy a pad with the menu. Turn the lower right controller clockwise in the pad screen.


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        Yes that was it, thanks!


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          It’s getting very Elektron-y in here lol


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            Elektron-y good, or Elektron-y bad?