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Audio input, microphone/line?

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  • Audio input, microphone/line?

    II don't have a BlackBox yet, but very interested.
    Especially audio sampling and jamming on the road, via the input jack and a microphone.

    In the manual it says:
    "Blackbox assumes Eurorack level audio is coming in to the audio input jack at +/-5V.
    If you are using a line level signal of +/- 1V you may need to adjust the input gain on the recording screen.
    You could also use a mixer or pre-amp with your microphone or other input to adjust the level of the incoming signal."

    Does this mean I would get un-usable low levels (and high noise level) plugging in a regular old passive microphone directly?
    Should I use a preamp, mixer or similar, to get decent audio levels going in the bb?

    I'm thinking a microphone like this could be very nice.
    No cables
    But if I need a preamped signal, then maybe a battery powered camera mic could be used instead.

    Thank you.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	61PEInjIa%2BL._SL1100_.jpg Views:	0 Size:	67.3 KB ID:	9859
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    I don't think that a passive mic will work. Electrec mics need plugin power to work.


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      A passive mic won't have enough gain, and the thing in the picture you added looks like it needs plugin power (which the Blackbox doesn't support). A field recorder, like the Zoom H1n, is probably the most portable/easiest solution.


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          But maybe a battery powered camera mic could be used instead then