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Figured out hardwired resampling through ext. gear, monitoring live within the Bbox

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  • Figured out hardwired resampling through ext. gear, monitoring live within the Bbox

    So I figured out a way to do hardwired resampling through external fx units and back into the Blackbox and monitoring the signal within the Blackbox, without additional gear needed and without bleeding your ears to death.

    It's a bit tricky, and you wanna read this carefully or you'll bust your ears - no really, pay attention, I mean it - and here we go:

    So if you route the Blackbox out into something cool, like a Polymoon or a Chase Bliss Mood, and want to resample that directly into the Blackbox, this can be done already now. But your ears will bleed and you will go deaf if you monitor the signal within the Box while you resample, so in practice, something in between is essential. In my case, a Heat.

    You don't have to, though.

    Connect your headphones or however you monitor your signal, to Output 3 in the Blackbox.

    Pick an empty slot for resampling. Make that slot send its out to Output 3. To your headphones, that is, since they're now connected to Output 3.

    Connect whatever gear you want to resample through, and make sure the Blackbox routes the material you want to resample, into this gear from Output 1. Say an arp you want to route through a Volante or a drum loop through a Sherman Filterbank.

    That gear, you then reconnect back to the Blackbox into In. Your Strymon whatnot, external filter crazy piece of kit or similar. Back into the Box.

    In your headphones, you'll now hear whatever you resample as you resample it, being able to monitor it while recording without bleeding your ears out. Because you're plugged into Output 3, and Output 3 send only your resampled work, not everything else going on, saving your ears from certain doom.

    This is useful for me because I do a lot of live tweaking as I resample, essentially recording an entire performance, so when I work the Meris Polymoon for say 64 bars of something, I want to hear what I'm doing, and now I can but without the need for external gear.

    Beware, though - and I mean it, beware - because as you happily return to monitor your output from the regular Blackbox headphone sockets again, make sure to unplug whatever gear you got going into the Blackbox, or it might fry your ears.

    I repeat - unplug anything that goes into the Blackbox, before you reconnect the headphones to their usual socket.

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    three years later, has this workflow become any easier? in particular in terms of ears?


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      I just want to jump in and hopefully clarify, what I assume is meant by "frying your ears" is a feedback loop. It's common practice to route like this in a mixer or sampler to avoid a feedback loops, which can damage equipment, speakers and of course ears. Always be mindful when routing out, through something (fx box etc) and then back in. Triple check before you plug in your headphones or turn up your speakers. The benefit of all of those outputs make scenarios like this possible.


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        Originally posted by Georges View Post
        three years later, has this workflow become any easier? in particular in terms of ears?
        Hey, well, I'm using this workflow all the time so it's neither difficult nor easy, it's more or less autonomous for me now. I even keep a set of cables for the exact purpose right next to the blackbox, so when it's time ,I grab them and hook up say a Chase Bliss something, and I'm ready to go in less than a minute. It's very powerful.


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          I made a quick demo to show how easy it really is. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

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            would be nice to upload this to youtube given the behaviour of the instagram website