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    For me, it's the other way around. The BB is the "best buddy" for my synthstrom deluge. Handling of samples and the slicing function is a nice addition to the deluge.


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      I'm using mine with the Monome Norns/Grid 64, MPC 1000, system 880 rack, Trellis M4, ALM Squid Salmple and a 16n faderbank with the outputs going to a pocket operator 6 channel passive mixer.

      Setup rocks and trying with a pisound today for effects loop



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        Click image for larger version

Name:	C3952F1A-DE6D-48EB-B27F-344D28157F8A.jpeg
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ID:	11810 I have a number of beat boxes and synths that I’ve been experimenting with the BlackBox. One of my favorite combinations so far has been my Korg Electribe 2.
        I can use the 16 pads to trigger The BB pads. I can use the keyboard mode to play notes, scale functionality, gate arp (note repeat), grooves (built in swing patterns per part), and the E2’s various effects.

        I made a Pset that has 8 of the 16 pads dedicated to midi out to the BB (I use it for drums generally), and reserve 8 of the E2’s tracks for other onboard drum/sample/synth parts. More tracks can be added or subtracted for Midi to the BB as needed.

        Bonus that it is battery operated so can travel with the BlackBox with ease. In addition, wether I have the BB going into the E2’s, or other way around, it leaves an audio in to add a third device into the mix if desired. Sequencing can also be handled directly on the Electribe, negating the need to use the finicky BB Sequence touchscreen input. I can get the sequence I want easily by playing or step sequencing into the E2 and when satisfied, record it into the BB sequence page.
        Using an additional device with the BlackBox also helps solve the problem of switching Psets on the BB as you can leave parts running on the additional device, mute the BB, change Psets and continue on (various finagling May be required to pull off smoothly).

        I hope everyone is enjoying their little love box as much as I am.
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        • Michal Ho
          Michal Ho commented
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          nice combo, tried it as well!
          what disappointed me is that electribe can't output motion sequencing.

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        I just wanted to add this in the list, that in the future I plan on purchasing a Korg Kaoss mini effects processor, to output the audio and give it some external effects. Those Korg Kaoss minis are powered by either 4 AA batteries, or one can use a USB to barrel adapter, and just power it from the same power bank or usb powered hub. Those Kaoss pads can seriously mangle some audio. I have the bigger brother KP3+ on a mixer and it alone is a blast, but its too huge for the Blackbox, and requires another outlet or plug on the power supply.


        • underwood
          underwood commented
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          but the minis don't have midi like the big KP3?

        • satu87121
          satu87121 commented
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          Underwood, you are correct, there is no midi on the minis, one must rely on the tap tempo or auto detection of the bpm. It is a huge sacrifice on Korg's part, but it does work, if you get the timing just right.

          It would be awesome to record a sequence that triggers over midi the external effects though!

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        I am very very happy with the Microfreak as a buddy for my BB. Especially when both arrange a threesome with my Boss RV6 (reverb)


        • Manuel
          Manuel commented
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          question: i'm evaluating to purchase microFreeak as tone-generator also to take advantage now of the auto-sampling mode. To midi-connect the BB with the MF, should i purhcase any mini-Jack 2 pin audio cables? Are there specific cables to be used?

        • Hooger
          Hooger commented
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          I use the adapters that come with it, together with a normal 5 pin midi cable. Haven't tried to connect them directly with a trs audio cable.

        • underwood
          underwood commented
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          There are several versions of mini trs midi. Read here:

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        Is anybody using a buddy to automate midi CCs in the blackbox? i only have the octatrack that can do it, but i wish i had something less bulky...
        btw. i don't like fiddling with iphone midi dongle stuff.


        • Michal Ho
          Michal Ho commented
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          and i can't source a midiPal... : /

        • Airyck
          Airyck commented
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          I might end up having some PCB’s made. If I end up making one it would only make sense to make a few.

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        When mine gets here i want to hook it to my orba if works be insane


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          I think the Microfreak is probably one of its best buddies in the studio. These would only lack a few more FX then. Maybe one day we’ll have more FX on the Blackbox, who knows ?

          When on the go, the Korg NTS-1 or (if you could buy one) the Micromonsta or even Typhon, become the best buddy as they can also be used as FX units as well.

          For Roland sound lovers, MC-101 or even Jupiter XM make sense too.

          Or you can just use an iPhone or iPad with limitless sound possibilities.

          That’s as far as the synth modules are concerned, but regarding MIDI : Retrokits RK06 is the one, also a nice buddy to the Bluebox or if you are using a small setup with Blackbox, Bluebox and one or more of these buddies.

          So all depends on your style, but there are many synth modules that can do amazing things when sequenced and recorded with the Blackbox.


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            My main BB buddy is the Roland MC-707. Actually got the Roland unit first and added the Blackbox to handle longer samples and for a more portable way to take jams around. I've tried triggering samples in the BB from the 707, which worked great. I've also multi-sampled tones from the 707 into the BB. I plan to do more to just record loops made in the 707 into the BB for triggering or chopping or maybe doing granular stuff. Either way, between the 2 I can do about as much as I can conceive.

            The other buddies are a Tascam DR-05 hand-held recorder for vocals or hand percussion, Roland VT-4 for vocals, and a Strymon Iridium running stereo for cool guitar or bass parts.


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              My BB is a whore to all, but nothing better to use to record my loops from the modules. I love this setup


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                For me it’s a dread box typhon and a modal craftsynth 2.0 and an iPad Pro with audient id14. I can do anything with this setup and run the blackbox into the iPad app AUM so I can use my fab filter fx for eq compression limiting etc on the master channel and another channel set up for sound design ie more esoteric fx works really good and it can all be battery powered


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                  Using the BB with a Novation Launchkey Mini as a controller paired with the Novation Circuit Tracks and the Kork NTS-1. Using the arpeggiator on the Launchkey to control the NTS-1 or samples on the BB.

                  The Circuit allows CC modulation on the BB with it’s two midi tracks. You can also run two outputs from the BB into the Circuit to use it’s on board filter and effects.

                  Check out Fugue Machine on iPad as well if you get a chance. It’s a 4 head midi sequencer. Each head can control the same sequence in different playback speeds, directions and octaves which provide some really interesting output and ideas. I can then record the midi into the BB to give all kinds of options.


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                    My BB has a lot of buddies
                    on the midi side most an Arturia keystep 37 and if needed a fader fox ld2 (because I can’t afford the newer one right now
                    on the synth side a Moog Miitaur for bass, a super compact battery powered Yamaha Qy70 for cheesy 90s keys and flutes and a Yamaha fb01 for fm synth sounds (it’s also a good place for the BB to sit on and it’s multitimbral)
                    if I need more sounds I use the Yamaha reface CS and the Waldorf Blofeld

                    most of the time I just connect the keystep through usb and have one of the synths connected via midi with the audio of that synth going into the BB. Super compact and fun!