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    i bought the BB to "expand" the sound of a drumbrute, so every pad/midi note of the DB trigger a sample of the BB : my drum machine is hybrid analog / digital. futhermore : i use nanokorg kontrol 2 to usb-midi control volumes and pitchs (via midi learn) of theses DB triggered BB sounds. and since i can't use the sequencer (for reason i explained many times :, i decided to test the bastl midi looper (and a midi keyboard + a midi merger) and it's quite fun, even if it's way WAY different from a sequencer. what i can say is that the baslt midi looper is simple but very well done and the improv-live ergonomy is really REALLY good : one can feel that the device is made by musicians... i also added theses little nanopatchs to control the 3 stereo BB's ouput volumes with big knobs. also since the BB effects are ALWAYS kiilling it's cpu, i use some external fx.

    ((( my midi chain is looper rc505 as master => arturia bsp seq (-> tr505 + -> ms20 + -> guest) => drumbrute // midi merge + midi keyboard // bastl midi looper => -> BB + -> micromonsta ))).
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      Best buddy MM2


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        MicroMonsta2 is surely better than my "old" MicroMonsta, that is quite good, thought