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    Hi all

    I'm new to BB and sampling in general, so there may be an obvious answer to this. If I wanted a snare sound, is there a way either on the BB, or online, that will tell me where all the snares are in all the kits? Obviously there are some in the 'drums' folder, but do I have to go through kit by kit individually to find them? Perhaps all I need is a searchable text file on my phone where I can type in 'cymbal' or whatever and it'll tell me which kits have them? Or do more regular users just get into the habit of knowing where everything is?



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    you can re-organise the files on the micro sd card however you like- so for example you could go through the default content and move all the kick drums into a 'kicks' folder, all the snares into 'snares' etc. Others might prefer to keep folders of samples that all fit together as a kit.


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      Yes, you have to go kit by kit either in the BlackBox or on your computer. People that are into sampling will probably have their samples well organized, and will also be pretty familiar with which ones are where.
      The current memory card in my BB, between single hits, loops, etc., has roughly 62,000 files. I obviously don’t know every single one, but I have them in musicall genre categories, and sub folders with drums/bass/instruments, loops or singles.
      To me, half the fun is cruising around my folders, revisiting samples and quickly whipping up new ideas with the BlackBox.


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        Thanks, so it sounds like most people move things around to suit their process? I don't have one yet, so probably should just leave them where they are for now!


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          Yes, also if you purchase or download free sample packs, they are generally in some sort of order - by type and or bpm of loop.