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    I downloaded te new firmware but everytime i load it into the machine is still 1.4. I ve tryed many times and with differnt cards.
    any help, please ?


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      I fixed it.

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    Cant get midi IN working with 1.5...Tried various devices.

    Is there a way of getting the previous firmware as DL? This being BB i had to delete all previous .bin for the installer to recognise the latest .bin. And now
    previous firmwares dont seem to be available. Joy.
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      Originally posted by kraftf View Post

      I had a try on the new preset system and yes the program changes work like before but they select presets only in the preset folder which makes sense since all presets are going to be migrated there.
      However this update is not exactly what I expected. It would be nice to be able to load presets from wherever in your sd card and pack/move them in the preset folder on demand. Now we are going to end up with a huge preset folder containing songs along with multisample sounds residing in presets. Again organisation will be a problem unless you give us the option of PRGOGRAM BANKS. Sorry to say that again out loud. This way we can name our presets with numbers and recall them more easily by using program changes instead of scrolling a huge list.
      For example one can have his tracks in PG 1-128, multisamples in maybe 4 banks PGs 129-512, template kits in another 2 banks PGs 513-768 and so on. So Aaron please consider the inclusion of bank msb lsb messages along with the program change.
      The other inclusions in 1.5.1 are very well welcomed. What really surprises me is that you applied a volume to the metronome but not to the sample preview.
      Anyway thx again for your efforts.
      hello steve. I suppose you are a new member of the blackbox team.

      Yes I completely understand where the presets are created and where the old ones get migrated. Just one place, the presets folder. Personally i would like to load presets having access to a folder structure and not thru an endless list. I suppose there is a technical issue that never let this to happen. However its nice that presets went away from the root folder.
      About the program change thing: I've requested that in the wish list a couple of times but it seems like very few are interested to use blackbox as a multi thousand preset machine. Tremendous libraries could be built and accessed if we had access to full program change messages.
      I will bump the request again in the wish list hoping that more interest from the users will arise.
      I suspect that most users are expecting bbox to evolve in more capable sequencer which in my opinion is very wrong because the competition there is too strong to beat from other hardware (squarp pyramid...) or software (iPad apps). I think blackbox should focus to the sampling/sample player tool identity. The sequencer could remain like what it is today. Maybe some simple additions like the recording of automation. That way the 16 sequences would be able to reproduce a finished idea even if they were made externally with another sequencer.
      Anyway, thx a lot and welcome!


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        Originally posted by RMG___ View Post
        really liking the update so far. I can decide to sample one particular source and use a pset folder to contain all the samples, so much neater than having them all mixed up in a list!
        Yes that really good but they still clutter the preset list.
        What I will probably do after I make some multisamples is to move all these preset folders to my sample library since they won't have any use as presets actually. They will be just contender folders for the multisamples. An option to do that on the blackbox itself would be really cool. Maybe I will add it in the wish list


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          Bug with FX Page
          I cant access the fx page anymore, all i get is a blank page like in the picture. Reinstalled the firmware, tried another sd card, problem persists.
          (going back to the prior firmware, everything works fine there)


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            Also midi in does not work, saving a song is also not working


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              Is anyone else having trouble pushing record before play?

              I want to record when I start pushing the pads, but for some reason this functionality doesn't seem to work on 1.5 beta.

              Overall this is great! Thank you