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Connecting to raspberry pi midi host help

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  • Connecting to raspberry pi midi host help

    I use a raspberry pi as my midi host so I can connect several synths and controllers at once. My goal was to incorporate the blackbox into this. I wanted to send midi to synths and record midi from a keyboard/ receive cc changes from a different controller.

    However, the USB a to usb a cable didn't work. After some research, I think it's because of how USB a cables power the controller, but I just need to connect the blackbox to the host. Does anyone have any experience with this? I would prefer to use USB, because when it works it's very simple and requires very few cables.

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    The blackbox is a MIDI host, so it won't want to connect directly to another host such as the RPi. You can try putting a Host to Host adapter in between the two. Here's one that uses two Teensy microcontrollers to do it.
    My friend Tod and I have built a version using two Trinkets. I designed a carrier board for them that I'm about to test when the PCBs arrive from OSH Park, and I'm also working on a standalone version that essentially integrates the two Trinkets onto a single PCB design with a pair of micro USB-B jacks.


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      Thanks for the information. I didn't know that. To get around it, I used my microfreak to connect to the raspberry pi and trs cables to connect midi in and out to the blackbox. Now all of the other midi controllers that I connect to the pi can control the microfreak and the blackbox.

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    tylercorbley excellent! TRS MIDI solves a lot of problems.