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Resampling a time stretched break

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  • Resampling a time stretched break


    I just purchased a black box and have been playing with it for a few days now and loving it.

    I'm a little stuck on time stretching and then re sampling the time stretched.

    At the moment I'm finding the break i want, re saving the break under a new name, finding a nice loop point, trimming this break. Then I'm setting the break to clip mode so as to bring it up to project tempo.

    I now want to save this break at project tempo to then chop further in to 4 or 8's on the slicer to re arrange and make edits.

    This is where I'm getting stuck, trying to trigger it at project tempo and also re sample it at the same time.

    I'm ultimately trying to do this:

    Any tips?


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    To Re-sample a Pad;
    1. Touch an empty Pad
    2. Press INFO
    3. In the upper bar, touch the output menu and choose Resam
    4. Adjust the Recording settings: Gain, Length, Quant Size, etc
    5. Press REC+PLAY

    You can find more detailed instructions on page 25 of the manual.

    Click image for larger version

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      Hi Steve

      Thanks, I realised I had to press play and trigger a pad in a sequence to trigger the part in time, otherwise it was just recording nothing, or notes being hit, or the pad being hit but not playing at tempo.

      a bounce button would be cool.