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DJ style looping on BB? (Xone 96 vs. DB4)?

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  • DJ style looping on BB? (Xone 96 vs. DB4)?

    Hey everyone!

    I want to make live old school house, electro house, bass house, and techno with hardware. I have 10+ boxes at least - drum machines, synths, samplers, pedals, even a Traktor Kontrol S8.

    I'm not a DJ but may incorporate Traktor, e.g., do a DJ-centric set where I add beats etc. or vice-versa, do a me-centric set and use Traktor to augment. I want the flexibility to be 100% hardware though and leave the laptop out fully.

    What I don't have is a proper playable mixer. Currently the two options I'm looking at are Xone 96 and DB4. (Note: the Model1 and DJM V10 were both ruled out on features and price)

    Ideal setup:
    1. Min 6 inputs, and sends / return
    2. Playable FX
    The 96 wins on #1, and DB4 wins on #2. I'd go for the DB4 except what I might save on not needing external FX, I'd lose on having to use submixers.

    That said, I am leaning toward the 96, but the one FX I can’t figure out how to replicate is the DB4 looper. The key is the ability to change playback loop length e.g., 1 bar -> 1/32, in quantized increments or note length.

    Is it possible to change the playback loop length of a clip on the BB in this manner? Anybody using the BB as a DJ looper? How are you using it? What’s your setup and what mixer do you use?

    I also have an Octatrack which I’ve never used as a looper, so that might be an option. I’m moving in a few days so my gear is all packed except my Digitakt and BB, so I’m experimenting on the BB (and would prefer to use the BB for this).

    If neither works to change playback loop length, then I’m considering an RC202 — but can’t seem to find anything online that shows it can change the playback loop length. Anybody have experience with this? Or is there another external looper you’d recommend that would work?

    Finally, anybody have any input on or experience with the 96 vs. DB4 for a production use-case?

    Would love to get feedback on the above and any other ideas will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    I ended up going with a Xone 96 for the extra inputs -- figured I could setup my own effects chains with the send / returns. Thus far it's working out ok. Curious to hear how people may be using the BB as a DJ Looper.