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Finishing a song on a Daw

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  • Finishing a song on a Daw


    Once you have a bunch of finished sequences that gel together nicely what’s your process to get it into the Daw and finish it as a proper whole track?

    I’m interested in seeing how people work.

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    haven't done this yet but my plan is to keep one pad free and use it to resample the parts I want separate (by muting what I don't want) and basically record stems one at a time


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      Resampling the individual parts to create stems definitely works. You could then drag and drop those wav files into your DAW of choice.

      I personally use the Akai MPC software to sample all of the musical parts I create with Blackbox. The software gives me a few more editing options that are useful ( normalize, extract, & more). Its then very easy to drag those files into Cubase and match the tempo up there. I've also recorded parts directly into the DAW, that would be another option.


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        Normally, I would either export stems one by one (hence why I wish it had a stem export feature), record the midi and play it with VSTs, or play the midi with external synths, recorded on the DAW.

        One other workflow that brought some great surprises was actually sampling tracks as beats created with the BB, a bit like if I sampling a track from the radio, then chopping, pitching, putting FX on top and introducing it into another track. I even tried re-introducing the sampled portion to another BB project and get it to another level, then exported the stems to master and finish on the DAW.

        More generally, sometimes I like a lot a very little portion of one of my track ideas, so in these cases I tend to sample it and introducing it to another project, which ends up sounding way better than the original track.


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          Or BB and 1010 music can give us stems options and save us time and increase our loyalty to the brand lol


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            Thanks everyone, nice to see different ways of working.

            Currently I’m doing sequencing on the Korg ESX 2. Im using the black box to audition, loop samples ( streatch to tinme etc) and play melodies which I then resample into esx.

            They work really nice together as one covers the others weaknesses. I’m hoping to export some finished tracks from the korg to Ableton projects soon