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Best practice for adjusting loops? Cannot record simple drum loops perfectly cut...

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  • Best practice for adjusting loops? Cannot record simple drum loops perfectly cut...

    I have had a few days with my Blackbox and I have found it to be pretty awesome. I mapped my Midi controller and I have it going to separate channels on my mixer and I have had lots of success with importing loops and sample and updating the firmware. So far pretty impressed. I certainly have lots of things I would want to additionally midi map and I feel that is lacking.

    Tonight I am trying to record perfect drum loops from a drum machine and I have not had much luck. I am using my live rig and coming out of the headphone output into the blackbox. I have tried to use the blackbox as a slave and as a master to try and get the loops to cut perfect and still have trouble. I think with drum loops this may be especially hard on the blackbox? All I really want is to move the start point to the first kick. I can go into sampling mode and adjust the start and end and trim it. I had no luck with that. I also went into the slicer and tried scan and grid but the loops are always not perfect. I am just recording a 909 kick and I can not get that to snap to the transients.

    I have lots I really love about the blackbox but it does seem like much more can be accomplished. I see there is lots of updates regularly. I am hesitant to return it but if I have to go on a computer to cut my loops perfectly so they play in time that is sort of a deal breaker. Or am I doing something wrong? I had messed with the recording threshold so it was only to start when the kick came in. It always seems like the recording starts early, then I go and adjust the start and trim the end and re-sclice and grid. Never works properly. How can I cut clean loops?

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    I think I may have made progress. I found the answer watching this video. I need to not use the threshold to have perfectly cut recordings! That is great.... I am less on the fence now but this is pretty nice. I do wish the sample modes were simplified and you could adjust the start and end points to the transient or change the length of the loop easier. Unless I am missing that too...


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      Hey Michael, what was the video you found?
      I am curious now, I guess my workflow was a little different and I'd love to see and learn what else other people are doing


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        Thanks for the reply. I just did not grasp the difference between the threshold recording vs the perfectly cut recording. The video was here

        I did get a nice bit of use out of it. I have a serious wishlist of things I hope it can do some day. I do like the feel of the knobs.

        I still think trying to shorten loops is clumsy unless I am missing something. For me I am now recording in the sample NOT having the threshold set and setting it to say 2 bars. Recording it live and it plays back. After a cycle through it seems to finish analyzing it and it syncs up pretty good. What is lame is how can I say shorten the loop quickly without being destructive ? For example cut the loop in half?


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          If you needed to shorten a .wav loop, couldn’t you just resampling it to the length desired? Example, having a 4 bar loop, resampling it to a 2 bar recording, etc.?


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            Or check this video....


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              yep thanks, I did make some more progress I suppose. It just seems like the obvious would be to have the ability somewhat to mess with the length of the loops as it stretches and works with loops so well.


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                A feature like that would be welcomed for sure. I have various drum/beat machines. WHATVI do is run them together synced (either midi or clock).
                When doing this the recordings are always in synced up perfectly, with the starting step exactly where I expect it to be. From there if I want 4 bars, I record 4, if I want 2 bars, I record 2 and so on. I often record 2, 4, and 8 bar versions of a beat I like just to have various length wav’s available for use in the BB and in other machines and software, and since I have 200gb of space on my SD card, and multiple 128gb, 64gb, and 32gb cards waiting in the wings. I don’t ever worry about running out of storage space. Mo sampling is mo better.


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                  In addition to what has been said, consider switching your loop to slice mode, slice it up and use the sequencer. For example you can slice up your loop to say 16 slices and then fiddle with the sequencer to play any number / order of slices you like and then resample the result to a new loop of the desired length.