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OP-1 and Minilogue samples for free

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  • OP-1 and Minilogue samples for free

    Hello guys! Recently I sold my OP-1 (I bought BB instead) and Korg Minilogue (I swaped for Model:Cycles) and here are my favorite samples from both machines, enjoy!

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    Awesome! I also come from my replacing the OP-1 with the blackbox and I coudn't be happier. The OP-1 is cool for its simplicity, but for me the price was not worth it. Now I use blackbox and OP-Z and to be honest I don't miss OP-1 at all.


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      I couldn’t agree more, OP-1 synth engines are so good and unique, but the lack of proper sequencers brought me to BB. I tend to use every groovebox standalone and I couldn’t achieve it with OP-1. And yes the OP-Z is much more versatile, I love it. I guess it needs more dirty synth engines though