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Master Clock Sync to Loop BPM?

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  • Master Clock Sync to Loop BPM?

    Basically I’m wondering if I can simply play a loop, have the Blackbox identify the BPM based on length of the sample (or any other way that’s possible) and send the clock data out to tell a Eurorack clock module to play at the same rate. Right now it just sends out 120bpm because that’s what the Song bpm is set to. Is there any way at all to determine a loops BPM automatically within the Blackbox?

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    If the song is set to 120bpm, isn’t the loop’s bpm 120? Meaning, regardless of what bpm the loop was recorded at, it will ultimately play at what you ask it to?
    or do you want the song to play at 120, the individual loop to play at a different tempo?


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      Currently, the blackbox does not perform any type of beat detection on WAV files.