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  • BB restarts

    The blackbox restarts when I scroll in a folder once i begin to scroll down. I'm wondering if its from the wav file bit rate at 2,822kbps.
    The update I'm on is 1.4.3

    the sample rate is 44.1 KHz
    the sample size is 32 bit
    the bit rate is 2,822 kbps

    I ​​​​​​​just figured it would bypass the invalid file like it does with other ones that don't comply.

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    Hi Vosene, the first thing you should do is verify whether or not it is in fact the file that is causing your Blackbox to restart. Does the device restart with other files also? Does it restart in a certain mode? (pads, seqs, etc.) or multiple modes? If the resetting is caused by only one file, I would get rid of that file. If caused by multiple files, then you may be looking at an SD card problem. Look at reformatting the card, or trying other SD cards for a possible solution.

    The other thing to be aware of is, Blackbox needs sufficient power and does not work well with certain third party USB cables. If your device is restarting in multiple modes, not only when your scrolling in a file folder, then lack of power may be the issue. Especially if you are using a third party cable. There are third party cables that work well, but you have to make sure they can deliver sufficient power...

    Unfortunately, I can't answer your question regarding bit rate but, I haven't heard of any BB owners having restarts because of this. The 1010Music team is good at responding to questions quickly so, I'm sure they can elaborate more on whether this may be causing you problems.

    These are just some ideas based on experience with my BB. I hope they are helpful, and I hope you work out the issue you are having. Good luck!
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      I believe this was answered on Facebook earlier today. But for the general population on the forum......

      Make sure you use an appropriate USB cable to power the blackbox. The cable must be capable of 2A @ 5V. Improper cables for power are typically the #1 reason the blackbox restarts. Regarding the format of that one file, do you know if it is a 32bit INT WAV? The blackbox can handle all sample rates and bit depths, but there was an issue with 32 bit INT WAV files not loading. That was fixed in (I believe) 1.5.1. If this continues to happen, please contact us directly at the contact us link on the site and provide as much repro detail as possible.



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        It is only occurring in one folder. And I will use the original wall cable to see if I can get it to duplicate.