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  • Sampling Level

    Hello Everyone,

    everytime I sample something on Blackbox it seems that the level is very low, I have to turn the gain high and thus there is often a background noise. Is this because I'm using a cheap min jack cable ?

    Anyone finds that the level is very low on the black box ? Are people using pre-amps to sample ?


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    How much Gain do you use (on blackbox)?


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      Well it's different every time but when I increase the gain too much there is an important background noise.... so I can't do that... in any case the level is always much much lower than the initial source. (For example, I was sampling my computer, if I put Maximum volume on my computer and listen with earphones it's way too loud for my ears, could be dangerous. But when I sample with maximum volume on the blackbox it's very weak.... And if I put more than 3db gain, there is the background noise....

      This must happen for everyone or it's only on my blackbox ?


      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        are you using the built-in compressor?

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      No it's off...!


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        Just to check, the cable is plugged into the Blackbox properly?
        I've just had a problem (user error) where I didn't seat the jack properly and get that final *click* on the connection. That left a quiet, noisy and tinny sounding input even with volume on the source up and the gain to max on the BB.


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          Hmmm I think it's well plugged... Maybe I'll try another cable... I'm the only one who thinks that the level is too low ? I mean when you compare the original source to the sound on the blackbox ? It should be a malfunction of my BB ?