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  • song creation workflow

    Hi everyone. I'm considering buying the blackbox. I've seen how you can create a song from sections. I'm interested in a more live workflow - recording as I trigger sequences and clips.

    Obviously I could do this from the audio out but can I record it onto the blackbox itself? If yes, is that just a giant resample ( single stereo file) or can you record a track per pad for further processing in a DAW?

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    You can do both. You can choose between L, R, L+R, or Resample when recording to a pad. So you can write, perform, and record all in the box. And since it can be powered with a portable battery cell, you can do this pretty much anywhere!


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      But can you resample WHILE you are playing pads or keys or sequences in the blackbox? I mean, going out from the record (red on black) page?


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        Originally posted by Yamanta View Post
        But can you resample WHILE you are playing pads or keys or sequences in the blackbox? I mean, going out from the record (red on black) page?
        Yes, you can. You can resample internal sequences and even an entire song.


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          My fault! I still have ti manage how to do that, I had to interrupt my fun with it cause fisiology wouldn't be happy with my blackbox love ahaha.


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            As of today, I upgraded to 1.5 and
            wish I didn't... Midi is horrible. Very glitchy with polophony also... I'll slice a single bar drum loop and 4 some reason lose the volume/velocity on the pads on my mpd 24.
            It's supposed to have 16 song sections, but I only get 15. Wish the quantization could b turned off. Tap tempo would b nice. More effects would b good... Not having to go back to 1.4 in the morning would b awesome!!! Had high hopes 4 this unit. Used it for 8 months. Midis to glitchy 4 me. If your considering this, get the mpc one.


            • Steve
              Steve commented
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              Can you share some specifics in regard to MIDI issues?

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            Regarding the 15 slices, check if there is a pink slice line at the very end of the sample. If so this maybe causing the loss of slice 16. I had the very same thing!

            The BB is a great machine. And before people run away to MPC world, be careful. I came from an MPC Live and whilst good, it has a very frustrating workflow. Akai disregard simple bugs and fixes and never answer queries! We wait months and months for hopeful fixes, to find they just spent time and money sync'in with Ableton. If I wanted Ableton, I wouldn't need an MPC!! The new 2.8 firmware is bad! The midi is broken in controller mode and they won't fix or communicate with problems the way the great people here do!


            • Gillvillain
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              Thanks Guys!! It wasnt BB at all, It was the old Akai mpd24. It gave up the ghost. When it did, I dug out the mpk mini, and no longer have those issues... Thought because the crashing with the controller happened right after the firmware download, there was a bug. Wasnt the case... and I bought the BB because of many probs in the Past with the older mpcs. (3000/2000xl} now im on the hunt for a nice 16 pad controller to pair with BB. I used to love the Pads on Akai products, but this mpk mini doesnt cut it for me... Thinking the Atom. And you guys are totally correct about 1010music. They talk to real ppl using their products, and actually help. 1010 for the win. Cheers.