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mapping pads to sequences

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  • mapping pads to sequences

    Hi, I have the Novation LaunchControl xl and cannot figure out how to map pads to sequences. Currently, when I connect LaunchControl to Blackbox I can map (learn) volume filter etc no problem. But pads on LC XL seem to be randomly assigned to sequences. For ex., first 8 pads are mapped to nothing, the 9-12 are Mapped to some of the middle sequences, and balance are not mapped. I would like pad 1 to map to seq. 1 up trru pad 16 to sequence 16...Any assistance appreciated. Thanks - Pete B.

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    You have two options:

    1. Use the Novation editor and change the MIDI assignments of the pads to match blackbox
    2. Change the Pad Note parameter for each blackbox pad to match the XL (I think mine starts with pad 1 = C5)

    The blackbox will respond to note #s 36-51 to trigger pads. 52-67 to start/stop sequences.