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MPX8SD with 1010BB

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  • MPX8SD with 1010BB

    I recently acquired a secondhand mpx8sd and was hoping to use it with the black box as a drumpad with my digitone, volca, keystep setup. I have the keystep midiout going into the digitone and the midiout from the digitone going into a quad midi splitter, then midi going to the mpx8 and the midi out from the mpx8 going into the BB, and a weird thing happened... I'm able to assign bbpads to the mpx by sending them to midi chnnl 10, but when i move the midi chnnl on the mpx8, all it does is change the pitch of all pads assigned to chnnl 10, instead of letting me pick which sample i want that pad to trigger. Also, i can't seem to stop everything using my digitone, when i hit stop, everything but the bb stops. I'll admit I'm a novice when it comes to this stuff so really any help at all would be awesome. Thanks

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    Check your MIDI KEYS setting in TOOLS > MIDI. If a pad is assigned to that channel you will here your samples pitch-shifted.

    Press STOP button once to stop the blackbox clock. Press STOP twice to stop all sound output.