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Blackbox isn't allowing me to save preset?

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  • Blackbox isn't allowing me to save preset?

    Hey there. Just this morning Blackbox began to not let me save my presets. I've only had it for a few days and I love it. This is the first time this problem has popped up. The save button is grayed out. I can't seem to find my way to a solution in the manual, so I thought I'd try here. I feel fairly certain that I just mistakenly changed a setting, but I can't seem to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Save button is normally grayed out, when you did not change anything.


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      This was after creating an entire sequence and recording in and editing a new sample. I'm wondering if there was something else that I might have done without meaning to that would have caused it to happen. I lost what I was working on, but rebooted the blackbox and it behaved normally as soon as I made changes to the new sequence.


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        Sorry for the question. But are you sure, you were in pset mode? . Since the new sample and preset file management you can go to the presets from pad mode to load a sample but not to save the preset.


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          You will only have the Save option when there is something to save. Also, new recordings are automatically stored in the preset folder so that will not trigger Save to be active. It seems like you experienced something slightly different. If it happens again, please report with as much detail as possible. Thanks


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            Hey Steve. And thanks to you both for the responses. I ended up just rebooting and haven't run into the problem since. I will definitely capture video next time and send it to you.


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              It just happened to me as well. Twice. Losing both presets. Firmware 1.5.1

              First time I started from a saved preset on one sd card, replaced some samples, added two sequences, and at the end there was no way to save the preset again. (Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB containing all the factory sounds and presets).

              Second time happened as follows on a different SD card (Sandisk Extreme 400GB) containing only folders with samples.

              - I started by creating a new preset naming it sth like “20200615 xxxx” as I was scared that maybe it need to create the Presets folder first.
              - added samples (starting from the top left row, without completing the full grid, there were 7 slots occupied)
              (Grid looked like this: x x x x / x - - - / x - - - / x - - -, where x is a pad with a sample.
              - created two sequences (one 32 steps, other one 16)
              - 6 pads had output on OUT2 except one pad on OUT1
              - one of the samples was granular, 5 were clips and one was a slicer sliced at an 8.7% threshold, somewhere between 20-30 slices, with random position, the sequence was triggering the sample from different. The clips had 1/8 sync and quant.
              - no delay or reverb as I was running the effects externally
              - some minor tweaks on the mixer section
              ... apparently after doing all these steps the bb still had nothing to save and the button was grayed out.

              I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible. Hope that helps to figure out the cause. I’m pretty sure I’ve changed some things after creating the preset.

              Frustrated I’ve restarted the bb to check if maybe the bb was unable to write on the card... the preset was there but obviously empty. Added one sample, saved. Restarted, sample las there. So it is not a permissions issue and the bb is able to save on the card, except when it thinks there’s nothing to save


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                I'm very sorry about the loss of your preset. Did you happen to remove the micro SD card at any point while you were working?