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    Looking through the latest BB manual, I see that FX1 and FX2 are sources in the output field. A wet feed is then sent to output 1.

    When I look they are no longer there? (1.5.j)

    Is this right or as something been missed?


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    which version of the manual are you looking at? Blackbox ?


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      I think you are referring to this section
      Blackbox has two effects that can be applied to as many pads as you want. You apply an effect by selecting the send amount for the pad for each of the desired effects (FX1 or FX2) and then configuring the parameters for that effect. After the effect is applied, the wet signal is routed to Audio Out 1. All pads will get the same parameter values for an effect.
      - those sends are dialed in on the FX page via the sliders/knobs on the left and right (go to FX, select a pad, turn the top left knob (fx1) or top right knob (fx2) to feed the selected pad to the effect. As far as I know, FX1 and FX1 were never sources in the dropdown output menu. forgive me if I've missed the point of your post


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        Where did you see them in the output menu? I understand how they work, but I am interested in which firmware version and menu you saw this.


        • steveg
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          Sorry Steve, I googled the manual and it brought up a really old version. Just downloaded the 1.4.3 version and it's omitted..!

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        Thanks Asconwe,

        Click image for larger version

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        I understand the FX page and have been using the delay (which I'm very impressed with) but I came across this anomaly in the manual (see attached screen shot). I liked the idea of it being 100% wet and available at output 1, not sure if we are still getting that from the fx page, but reading your post maybe we are? will have to experiment!

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        • Asconwe
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          would you look at that!

          And yeah, you can still have 100% wet signal at output 1 as long as you route the pad to any output besides output 1

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        Cool, thanks!