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what is the rationale behind the recording screen layout in 1.6?

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  • what is the rationale behind the recording screen layout in 1.6?

    Hi, I’ve yet got to grow accustomed to the revised layout for the recording screen in 1.6.4. While I personally preferred the faster accessibility of the previous layout, I wonder how I would feel about the revised layout had it been there since the start.

    Maybe someone has a story about how the original developed into the revised layout?

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    Not sure, but Automated Multisampling is Fast as F! Also, since I have not had the BB very long, getting used to the new layout was not all that big of a problem for me. All told, I think we are moving in the right direction team. Well Done!


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      For loop-type recording, I’m not quite sure that the layout contributes to a faster workflow: eg one needs to scroll down to turn threshold on off and set rec quant each time, not very workflow oriented.

      Before everything was at reach in one screen and one did not have to use the knobs so much -> much better for live situations - for non-live this would obviously matter less.
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        Thanks for your feedback. The rationale for the new screen was to be able to offer more parameters in an expandable way. I accept that the trade off is that not everything is available onscreen at once. We will keep the old screen in mind for future updates.


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          I was of the mind 'where has everything gone' when I first updated. Though I instantly liked the big meter.
          After spotting I could scroll down I kinda got used to it and I suppose its a lot easier to add more options than trying to cram them in a single screen.


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            I personally don’t mind as long as the menu doesn’t become 3 miles long as some very known brands synthesisers...


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              One could imagine a switch in Tools to switch between layouts.

              However, there may be room for optimisation:

              * options `Rec Quant` and `RecTresh` could be merged, as they are mutually exclusive: `threshold` could be added as a value;

              * or one could merge options Threshold and RecThresh - less practical though due to the range of Threshold;

              * options `Rec Mon` and `Mon Output` could be merged: if `Mon Output` would be set to off, no need to have `Rec Mon`;

              * more adventurously: `1x` could be replaced by `sample mode`: clip, sample, multisample etc and load - then the screen would change accordingly, as is already the case.


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                Georges, my worry is that this kind of optimizations lead us to non-intuitiveness and requirement to be on the manual all the time to find the features hidden inside others.

                If UI optimization there could be, maybe it would be having the parameters in two columns with smaller font, so as to limit scrolling. With scrolling being activated on the left or right columns depending on the knobs used.


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                  Well, I don’t think you need to be afraid in the mid-run: AFAIK the bitbox micro and mk2 share the same recording screen, so it will be difficult to move away from here.

                  Nonetheless, the sampling screen of the blackbox is its core feature. The less scrolling the better, or as they say in design: 1+1=3
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                After working intensively in 1.6.4, I think the 1x recording flow is less smooth than in previous versions. However, condensing the recording options as I’ve suggested here above (eg merging certain options) would come at the expense of flexibility and future extensibility.

                Extending the “1x / Multi” button appears to be a less invasive alternative: in place of “1x”, provide a more fine-grained choice of recording scenarios e.g based on blackbox’s assumptions (clips, samples, etc) or based on best recording practices. For each scenario, you would only see the relevant options, as is already the case when you choose between 1x or Multi.