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Looping Seqs which do not have a 4/4 time signature

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  • Looping Seqs which do not have a 4/4 time signature

    I have encountered an issue with a sequence that I am unable to fix. The objective is to play back a sequence, which triggers two Samples (set to Toggle), having a step count of 22 1/4 steps at a song speed of 110bpm:

    * the first sample is triggered at step 1 and is 16 steps long (4 times 4/4),
    * the second sample is triggered at step 17 and encompasses 6 steps (6/4).

    The issue is that when playing back the sequence, the latter replays only at clock 7:1, as if it had 24 steps, instead of 6:3, expected behaviour for 22 steps of 1/4. So there is an audible pause of 2 steps.

    Seq Quant size is set to 1 bar, Song mode is set to Loop, the Song property not being activated.

    Is there a way to make this work?
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    So is this a bug ? or is it a feature?


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      Did you try with a different quant size setting? I would try 1/4.
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      • Georges
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        Ah, thank you Morientes! so that parameter has more far reaching consequences than the manual makes one believe. It is formulated quite subtly therein that this parameter snaps playback to the grid, that is not only when you press a sequence pad.