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Update on methods to create cue points for slice markers

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  • Update on methods to create cue points for slice markers

    Just wanted to let new and old users know about software that can produce cue points embedded in WAV files for slice markers to be used with blackbox.
    The software I know of that can do the job are Reaper, SoundForge, Wavelab, Adobe audition, Ocenaudio and Logix Pro X.
    Reaper, Logic, Soundforge and and Wavelab have automatic detection of transients and can place cue markers and save the wave files with them ambedded. I dont know any thing about adobe. Ocenaudio can place markers manually.
    I think the best implemenation methods are in reaper and Logic for which I am attaching 2 videos that are related to Morphagene but also apply to blackbox(and bitbox I think).
    Soundforge and Wavelab are too expensive.
    Reaper is almost free and Logic is very well priced taking into account that it is flagship DAW.
    One thing that Logic can also do is to drag and drop a bunch of audio files one next to the other and create markers for each region and export one audio file with the markers embedded. This way I am to use folders of individual drum hits that I can load in blackbox as a multisample and at the same time I have all the drumhits in one single file to load as a slicer. Each sample type has each own advantages.
    Logic I think is the best but reaper will do the job quite well too.
    Here are the videos.